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Brand Management

Generating awareness, establishing and promoting companies using strategies and tactics, I am committed to creating a path forward for your brand, audience, products and channels.


Managing and planning both internal and external communications projects, I believe a good communication specialist can both talk the talk and walk the walk!

Digital Innovation

Innovative but practical and practicable digital strategies that amplify brand awareness and drive business impact online through both internal and external channels.

Content Creation

Actively involved in creating original content for clients, supporting their business objectives with a range of campaign assets, editorial stories and social media activations, I help publish meaningful, strategically driven content that resonates with reader interests and supports business objectives.
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What our clients say

Christine clearly demonstrated her energetic drive and enthusiasm while working for me at META Group Netherlands (nowadays Gartner). As a professional, I know her clients appreciate her energy and the excellent vision and skills she developed in the areas of digital innovation, content creation, and communications management. Until today, her loyalty to me as a person sets a great example for all of us. She is a true asset to any team.

Asset to a team

Robert Vos, proud winner of the 2019 WinTrade Corporate Award 'Because She Matters'
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There is always room for serendipity! To me it's the ability to use your intellect, curiosity and open mind to process insights, experience and information, enabling you to reach higher and achieve more than you set out for in the first place.
Christine Strik