Content Creation

Creating content, and all-purpose writing, has always been the heart of my business, my passion – it also happens to be at the root of all communication.

Drawing on years of experience, a strongly developed memory and a very accurate feel for words and customer journeys, I help my clients achieve their objectives, making a difference through content – be it commercial, informative, informal or other.

I believe it imperative a customer experiences communications instead of undergoing them as they navigate this dynamic digital world. Words and their influence are what I am most passionate about. It is here that my wide interest span, curiosity, commercial drive and open mind literally come into play.

The scope of projects I have had the pleasure of working on is loosely themed around these areas:

  • Strategy Development
  • Internal and external communications
  • Social Media, intranet, Internet, brochures, documents, files
  • Public Relations
  • Training and workshops
  • Writing and editing
  • Native Dutch and English
  • Commercial, technical, scientific, planning, strategy
  • Translation projects
  • The list goes on…