Hello and welcome!

Expert – Innovator – Connector

A seasoned Branding and Communications Soecialist, I have both a passion for linguistics and a knack for digital development. Being a true entrepreneur, I like working on projects head to toe: I can be both a Think Tank to benefit your endeavours, and a qualified asset to your implementation.

Meaning: I am a suit not afraid to get into the mud. I believe a good communication specialist can both talk the talk and walk the walk!

Using my never-failing flow of energy, I like to motivate people to hop on board, and by showing enthusiasm and drive, I get things done. It’s as simple as that.

Drawing on years of experience, my expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of industries that includes multinationals as well as small and medium enterprises, enabling me to provide clients with a realistic and hands-on view of business dynamics.

I build long-lasting relationships and tend to think and work beyond set frameworks. Clients describe working with me as a unique experience, tailored to what they really need.

What can you expect from me?
A communication specialist who uses drive and determination to translate strategy to operations and back. A personality, who uses her professional drive, sensibility, seemingly endless positive energy and perseverance to take projects and processes to the next level. I like to think and work beyond the framework others held possible by opening my eyes.

What I bring to the table: Serendipity – a linguist, quick launcher, drive, enthusiasm, persuasive power, network, quality, open and agile mind, wide range of competencies… and a pinch of glamour!

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